3x3 International Illustration Show No. 21: Professional Show

Thanks to all who entered! Winners will be announced 90 days following the deadline of the show. All entrants will receive an announcement of the winners, winners will be also posted on our web site.

Our Judges

  • Michael Mrak, creative director, Scientific American
  • Rachel Vale, art director, Pan Macmillan Publishers, United Kingdom
  • Andy Omel, design director, The New Republic
  • Zak Bickel, art director, The New York Times
  • Kelly McMurray, creative director, 2communiqué
  • Catarina Sobral, illustrator, Portugal
  • Kirsten Ulve, illustrator
  • Francesco Zorzi, illustrator, Italy
  • Tatsuro Kiuchi, illustrator, Japan

Our prizes Best of Show winners receive a $1,500 cash prize in US dollars. All Gold medal winners receive a 3x3 Collective Premium Membership ($850-cash value). Best of Show and Gold medal winners receive our distinctive 3x3x3-inch cube. All medalists receive a complimentary subscription to 3x3 Magazine, our tri-annual magazine. In addition, winners receive a free digital edition of the Annual and a 33% discount on purchasing the print edition. Art directors receive a free link to our Annual.

Eligibility Open to all illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, editors, publishers in all countries for commissioned and non-commissioned work produced and/or published prior to the show deadline of March 29, 2024.

We do not accept AI-generated artwork.