3x3 Collective (formerly 3x3 Directory)

We want to help you find new leads beyond your current mailing list. Membership is by invitation only and offers three opportunities to promote your work to art directors. Reach prospects in North America, the UK and Europe with weekly email promotions for the Collective. Sign on for the Premium Membership and receive individualized custom lists specific to your interests along with HTML designed emails and reports.

With our Basic Membership you can feature up to five images in our online gallery including a brief bio, list of clients and contact information. And change out your images once. With a Standard Membership you can change out the images twice during the year.

You'll get all the benefits of the Standard Membership plus you’ll be able to select categories you’re most interested in, ones you want to expand and new ones you wish to explore. We can put you in front of markets that only an artist rep has access to. We’ll create individualized HTML emails; identify the audience we feel will be receptive to your work from our extensive list of contacts in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

With our experience in advertising, design and publishing we know which contacts will be the decision-makers and which won’t. For more information visit 3x3 Collective. If you're interested contact us at info@3x3-collective.com.