Professional Show No.17: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our Professional Show that will be reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.17. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site and will have their name listed in the printed Annual.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

So A Ryu, animation/motion


Bad Preacher, packaging
Coralie Bickford-Smith, books


Amanda Arlotta, advertising
Courtney Hopkinson, self-promotion
Uragami Kazuhisa, advertising
Yann Legendre, posters
Giulia Tomai, books


Andre Carrilho, editorial
Owen Davey, books
Yuke Li, children's illustration
Page Tsou, children's illustration
Sisi Yu, unpublished

Distinguished Merit

Andrea De Luca, corporate communications
W Flemming, posters
Brad Holland, posters
Mark Smith, books


Gert Albrecht, self-promotion
Eleftheria Alexandri, gallery
Aïda Amer, editorial
Minju An, animation/motion
Joe Anderson, unpublished
Bad Preacher, self-promotion*
Christina Baeriswyl, editorial
Hans Baltzer, posters
Timothy Banks, children's illustration
Gabriella Barouch, books
Aviel Basil, children's illustration
Adrian Bauer, editorial
Melinda Beck, covers
Melinda Beck, editorial
Dan Bejar, editorial
Skye Bolluyt, surface design
Becky Bolton, books
Davide Bonazzi, books
Federica Bordoni, editorial
Richard Borge, posters
Mark Borgions, unpublished*
Alon Braier, books
Alon Braier, posters
Brian Britigan, editorial*
Nele Brönner, books
Ivan Brunetti, comics, cartoons, sequential
Aurora Cacciapuoti, children's illustration
Nan Cao, editorial
Andre Carrilho, covers*
Robert Carter, editorial
Sophie Casson, books*
Daniel Castro Maia, posters
Daniel Castro Maia, unpublished
Kun-I Chang, animation/motion
YaChu Chang, advertising
An Chen, children's illustration
Lin Chen, editorial*
Tai Chen, animation/motion
Sherley Cheung, self-promotion
Kun Sen Chiang, books
Matt Chinworth, editorial*
Matt Clough, editorial
Eduardo Corral, unpublished
Doug Dabbs, comics, cartoons, sequential
Stella Danelius, unpublished
Owen Davey, books
Owen Davey, corporate communications
Bea Davies, comics, cartoons, sequential
Bea Davies, editorial
Yannick de la Pêche, editorial
Zohar De-Haas, surface design
David Dean, covers*
Peter Diamond, gallery*
Peter Diamond, unpublished
Susana Diniz & Pedro Semeano, books
Oscar Diodoro, covers
Nathalie Dion, books
Dion MBD, children's illustration
Dion MBD, unpublished
Jasmin Dreyer, gallery
Maia Faddoul, books
Maia Faddoul, packaging
Kirbi Fagan, children's illustration
Fern, advertising
Fern, animation/motion
John Ferry, gallery*
W Flemming, unpublished
Dermot Flynn, corporate communications
Dermot Flynn, unpublished
Ellie Foreman-Peck, editorial
Lisa French, covers
Charlotte Fu, unpublished
Tina Furesz, packaging
Daniel Garcia, editorial
Gunel Gasanova, self-promotion
Maria Gabriella Gasparri, editorial
Federico Gastaldi, editorial*
Giovanni Gastaldi, packaging
Owen Gent, covers
Garth Glazier, gallery
Garth Glazier, posters
Lou Green, self-promotion
Peter Greenwood, advertising
Peter Greenwood, covers
Alex Griffiths, books
Hao Hao, self-promotion
Renee Hao, self-promotion
James Heimer, editorial
Lars Henkel, editorial
Jeff Hinchee, covers
Jeff Hinchee, posters
Michael Hirshon, self-promotion
Julia Hita, editorial
Arnold Hong, self-promotion
Sija Hong, editorial
Sija Hong, posters
Angela Hsieh, editorial
Kuri Huang, posters
Zhi Yun Huang, posters
IC4Design, advertising*
IC4Design, corporate communications*
Stefania Infante, editorial
Hiromichi Ito, gallery*
Phillip Janta, gallery
Phillip Janta, posters*
Igor Karash, comics, cartoons, sequential
Uragami Kazuhisa, books
Uragami Kazuhisa, unpublished*
Barbora Kmecová, self-promotion
Shahar Kober, children's illustration
Maria Kofman, editorial
Ben Konkol, unpublished
Satu Kontinen, books
Bartosz Kosowski, advertising
Bartosz Kosowski, posters
Przemek Kotynski, posters
Sabine Kranz, children's illustration
Jeff Kulak, self-promotion
Jean Marc Langue, editorial
Kyoeng Mi Lee, books
Yann Legendre, posters
Lucas León, gallery
David Leutert, posters
Taltal Levi, books
Yuke Li, editorial
Jofan Liao, gallery
Jessie Junyu Lin, unpublished
Jia Dong Lin, self-promotion
Vicki Ling, unpublished
Jianan Liu, self-promotion
Jing Liu, children's illustration
Max Loeffler, editorial
Chris Lyons, unpublished
Thoka Maer, animation/motion
Thoka Maer, editorial
Mark Magnaye, gallery
Diego Mallo, self-promotion
Raphaëlle Martin, unpublished
Miriam Martincic, books*
Miriam Martincic, editorial
Miriam Martincic, unpublished
Thomas Marutschke, ephemera
Rosanna Merklin, gallery
Aaron Meshon, editorial
Gerlinde Meyer, books
Ana Miminoshvili, unpublished
Ricardo Munoz, unpublished
Muhammad Mustafa, unpublished
Lydia Nichols, animation/motion
Lydia Nichols, children's illustration
Lydia Nichols, corporate communications
Lydia Nichols, ephemera
Sean Oh, children's illustration
Yuta Onoda, editorial
Yuta Onoda, unpublished
Margherita Paoletti, gallery
John Parra, books*
John Parra, posters
Davor Pavelić, advertising
Peter Phobia, self-promotion
Deb Pilutti, books
Michael Pitropov, animation/motion
Emilio Rolandi, editorial
Carol Rollo, editorial
Carol Rollo, packaging
Natsumi Saito, unpublished
Kouzou Sakai, covers
Merav Salomon, books
Leonardo Santamaria, editorial*
Stephan Schmitz, editorial*
Patrick Seymour, animation/motion
Patrick Seymour, covers
Patrick Seymour, editorial
Patrick Seymour, posters
Simon Shaw, packaging
Peiyin Shih, children's illustration
Mark Smith, books
Mark Smith, editorial
Antonio Sortino, editorial*
Antonio Sortino, posters
Phivi Spyridonos, unpublished
Binny Talib, covers
Cathleen Thole, children's illustration
Mike Tofanelli, unpublished
Rita Tu, animation/motion
Rita Tu, children's illustration
Jonathan Twingley, books
Sara Tyson, advertising
Sara Ugolotti, children's illustration
Simone Virgini, animation/motion
Simone Virgini, unpublished
David von Bassewitz, advertising
Natalie Waksman Shenker, books
Xiyuan Wang, unpublished
Yaning Wang, books
Myriam Wares, self-promotion
Michael Wertz, books
Moritz Wienert, books
Stephanie Wunderlich, gallery
Zi Xu, posters
Tania Yakunova, packaging
Tania Yakunova, self-promotion
Subin Yang, advertising
Subin Yang, posters
Hsin-Yi Yao, unpublished
Li Yuan, books
Natalia Zaratiegui, covers
Heng Zeng, advertising
Qi Zhan, children's illustration
Xiaoqiong Zhang, animation/motion
Yu Zhang, self-promotion
Yu Zhang, unpublished
Yue Zhang, books
Mingjing Zhou, comics, cartoons, sequential
Giulia Zoavo, posters

Honorable Mention

Gert Albrecht, corporate communications
Julia Allum, unpublished
Ava An, self-promotion
Gen Arai, unpublished
Ane Arzelus, unpublished
Alexandra Badiu, animation/motion
Christina Baeriswyl, editorial
Gabriella Barouch, unpublished
Melinda Beck, covers
Melinda Beck, editorial
Mary Jane Begin, children's illustration
Dan Bejar, editorial
Anastasia Beltyukova, corporate communications
Julie Benbassat, editorial
Jon Berkeley, self-promotion
Christian Ray Blaza, animation/motion
Christian Ray Blaza, unpublished
Linda Bleck, gallery
Linda Bleck, unpublished*
Giulio Bonasera, editorial
Davide Bonazzi, editorial
Davide Bonazzi, posters
Alexander Bostic, gallery
Alon Braier, editorial
David M. Brinley, unpublished
Cade Buckus, unpublished
Fabio Buonocore, editorial
Célie Cadieux, gallery
Ivan Canu, editorial
Nan Cao, unpublished
Andre Carrilho, editorial
Robert Carter, posters
Sigal Caspin Segal, books
Daniel Castro Maia, unpublished
Kun-I Chang, children's illustration
Kun Sen Chiang, books
Matt Chinworth, editorial
Fernando Cobelo, advertising
Fernando Cobelo, corporate communications
Fernando Cobelo, covers
Liron Cohen, books
Inês Costa, posters
Hannah Cunningham, advertising
Chrissy Curtin, unpublished
Kelsey Dahl, self-promotion
Brian Danaher, posters*
Owen Davey, self-promotion
Bea Davies, comics, cartoons, sequential
David Dean, covers
Jialun Deng, editorial
Jie Deng, advertising
Carmen Deñó, editorial
Carmen Deñó, self-promotion
Kristof Devos, children's illustration
Peter Diamond, unpublished
Fiona Dunnett, books
Gee Fan Eng, unpublished
Sewing Feng, unpublished
Fern, unpublished
John Ferry, gallery
Jamie Franki, ephemera
Norbert Fuckerer, self-promotion
Jasmin Garcia-Verdin, unpublished
Paul Garland, editorial*
Federico Gastaldi, advertising
Felix Gephart, books
Garth Glazier, gallery
Catarina Gomes, gallery
Mark Hallett, books
Hao Hao, unpublished
Takahisa Hashimoto, three-dimensional
James Heimer, editorial
Carole Hénaff, advertising
Jeff Hinchee, covers
Jeff Hinchee, editorial
Sam Hinton, children's illustration
Mark Hoffmann, children's illustration*
Brad Holland, unpublished
Jen Honeycutt, books
Pei-Fen Hsieh, children's illustration
Anna Hunter, unpublished
IC4Design, advertising*
Sergey Isakov, unpublished
Michael Iver Jacobsen, editorial
Woojin Jeon, books
Neko Jiang, unpublished
Rina Jost, ephemera
John Kachik, self-promotion
Xueer Kan, unpublished
Cindy Kang, editorial
Song Kang, gallery
Terri Kasuba, editorial
Uragami Kazuhisa, books
Hideki Kessoku, posters
Satu Kettunen, books
Artsy Kiddo, unpublished
Jaime Kim, unpublished
Tim Kirby, books
Barbora Kmecová, editorial
Christine Kornacki, unpublished
Bartosz Kosowski, posters
Przemek Kotynski, editorial
Przemek Kotynski, self-promotion
Anita Kunz, gallery
Melanie Lambrick, editorial*
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, self-promotion
Jamiel Law, editorial
Sohyun Lee, advertising
Yann Legendre, corporate communications
Vicky Leta, editorial*
David Leutert, posters
Adela Li, children's illustration
Min Li, books
Yuke Li, editorial
Claudie Linke, unpublished
Joanna Lisowiec, books
Sofia Lobato, unpublished*
Max Loeffler, editorial
Nien-Ken Alec Lu, editorial*
Mark Luczak, self-promotion*
Christopher Lyles, unpublished
Jason Lyon, editorial
Thoka Maer, editorial*
Mark Magnaye, children's illustration
Dani Maiz, editorial
John Malloy, advertising
Saki Matsumoto, corporate communications
Saki Matsumoto, gallery
Austin McCormick, gallery*
Aaron Meshon, self-promotion
Ouss Mezher, surface design
ShinYeon Moon, unpublished*
Lydia Nichols, books
John Nickle, unpublished
Won Park, self-promotion
John Parra, children's illustration
Stathis Petropoulos, children's illustration
Michael Pitropov, posters
Andy Potts, sci-fi
Derek Quinlan, surface design*
Fatinha Ramos, editorial
Patrick Regout, books
Loes Riphagen, books
Emilio Rolandi, comics, cartoons, sequential
Emilio Rolandi, editorial*
Carol Rollo, books
Patti Ruan, self-promotion
Sandra Sofia Santos, books
Shunsuke Satake, posters
Mami Sato, gallery
Elisa Seitzinger, packaging
Patrick Seymour, advertising
Ryuji Shishido, self-promotion
Annika Siems, books
Mark Smith, posters
Owen Smith, gallery
Anna Sokolova, corporate communications
Sharon Spitz, books
CiCi Suen, comics, cartoons, sequential
Catherine Sun, self-promotion
Shirley Susilo, unpublished
Lucyna Talejko-Kwiatkowska, children's illustration
Kyoko Tange, editorial
Péter Tauber, comics, cartoons, sequential
Mike Tofanelli, editorial*
Juliette Toma, editorial*
Nguyen Tran, self-promotion
Rita Tu, covers
Jonathan Twingley, books
Sara Tyson, editorial
Sandy van Helden, advertising
Cátia Vide, books
Simone Virgini, animation/motion
Simone Virgini, editorial
Simone Virgini, posters
Sarah Walsh, unpublished
Wenjia Wang, unpublished
Xiyuan Wang, self-promotion
Yaning Wang, books
Yaning Wang, children's illustration
Michael Waraksa, unpublished
Joe Whang, unpublished
Moritz Wienert, editorial
Heidi Woodward Sheffield, books
Liu Xiaoying, books
Yichun Xie, unpublished*
Zi Xu, unpublished
Tania Yakunova, corporate communications
Ginko Yang, editorial
Hui Yang, editorial
Subin Yang, advertising
Chloe Yee May, unpublished
Chia-Chi Yu, editorial
Natalia Zaratiegui, covers
Natalia Zaratiegui, posters
Marcin Zeglinski, editorial
Marcin Zeglinski, gallery
Yixin Zeng, gallery
Qi Zhan, children's illustration
Xiaoqiong Zhang, unpublished
Yu Zhang, self-promotion
Yu Zhang, unpublished
Ran Zheng, editorial*
Ran Zheng, unpublished
Giulia Zoavo, ephemera